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Atlanta Attachment Company 

was established in 1969 when Elvin C. Price began working in a basement workshop building quality, labor saving devices for the sewn products industry. Few would have imagined this one-man company, capitalized with slightly more than $100, would one day become the world's largest builder of automated sewing equipment and custom labor saving devices.

The emphasis has always been on quality; not only of the product but most importantly, the development of a quality work force. As Elvin so often points out, Atlanta Attachment's employees are its most valuable asset. Unlike the building and equipment, they appreciate and become more valuable. The company, therefore, puts most of its time and resources into recruiting and retaining the most talented and productive personnel.

The company relocated to Lawrenceville, GA in 1978 to take advantage of a quality worker base and to it's present location in 2007.

Today, even with unprecedented growth, that same hardworking and talented individual who meets the company's criteria can be found at Atlanta Attachment Company.

While many of the company employees hold a college degree, it is not a prerequisite. The founder never had the opportunity to attend college other than the few classes he attended in the 1960's at Georgia Tech. It is the stated policy of Atlanta Attachment Company that: "We will provide an atmosphere in which talented and motivated persons can excel."

Atlanta Attachment Company regularly exceeds its sales and profit goals and because of outstanding dedication, its employees enjoy a secure environment and share in its success.

Elvin Price, Chairman

Since 1969, it has been both exciting and challenging at Atlanta Attachment Company and as its founder I am looking forward to the upcoming years with as much excitement as when the company began.

We continue to grow our product line and have set ambitious goals. I am confident that they will be great ones for the company as well as our customers. Important steps have been taken, some of which included increasing the production facility by 20,000 sq.ft, installing new software and hardware in both the research and development department, as well as the administrative areas, which improved overall productivity and departmental efficiency.

It is our intent to continue to increase our presence in both the domestic and international marketplace and the introduction of the many new products shown in this catalog will allow us to deliver to our customers the most cost effective methods of manufacturing mattresses in the bedding industry.

Please accept my thanks for your continued support of our company.

Elvin Price

Hank Little, President

As President of Atlanta Attachment Company, it has been a true pleasure to be part of an incredible team of employees and partners as we bring to you the latest offerings of machinery and labor saving devices for the sleep products industry.

Our Research & Development as well as Sales, Service and Production groups have all played an important role in the development of our current product line. It is with tremendous pride that we offer to you the best in quality engineered equipment.

Please accept my thanks for your past business and support of Atlanta Attachment.  The company's continued success and growth is due to you, our valued customers and friends in the supply industry.  Your trust and support has been exceptional. Our continued commitment of Sudden Service® and determination to continue to be the leader in this industry is presented here in our 2014-2016 catalog with a variety of innovative equipment designs.

You are always welcome to visit our showroom located in Lawrenceville, Georgia to see firsthand our equipment and all the possibilities to help with your production needs. If you should need any assistance, feel free to contact me or any of the AAC staff.

Thank you once again for your past and future support of Atlanta Attachment Company and our products. We truly appreciate the opportunity to provide you with quality engineered products and exceptional service.

Hank Little

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