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Hemmer Attachments
  • Versatile folder for use on many different materials and products
  • For most single needle, double needle and multi needle industrial sewing machines
  • Can be used in many industries including apparel, automotive, furniture and bedding
260Pillow case hemmer
261Combination bed sheet hemmer set
262Bed sheet hemmer
265Side drapery hemmer
266Downturn adjustable cuff hemmer
267Downturn adjustable cuff hemmer
268Adjustable cuff attachment for hemming cuff over lining
268-B1Adjustable cuff hemming attachment
270Hem with pre-made cord piping
275Downturn hemmer with interlining
276Spring loaded heavy-duty hemmer
280Front pocket hemmer
283Automatic hemmer, scroll/pre-fold
284Special felling attachment
285Upturn rod hemmer
286Heavy duty hemmer
288Heavy duty hemmer
295Downturn back pocket hemmer
295-1Downturn back pocket hemmer with rod
295-CDownturn clean finish hemmer
296Downturn back pocket hemmer with tongue
297Automatic back pocket hemmer
298Clean finish hemmer with fringe guide
299Upturn clean finish hemmer for bellows pocket
300-AClean finish hemmer
300-BBlindstitch hemmer-clean finish, swing-out
300-B1Upturn clean finish hemmer, swing-out
300-CPatch pocket hemmer
300-C1Upturn clean finish hemmer, swing –out
300-DDownturn clean finish hemmer with tongue
300-FUpturn clean finish hemmer with flare
301Clean finish swing hemmer
301-AClean finish hemmer, swing-out
301-AJAir jet hemmer
301-CClean finish blindstitch hemmer
301-FUpturn clean finish hemmer with flare
301-GUpturn clean finish hemmer for vinyl
301-LUpturn clean finish hemmer with lining
302Clean finish hemmer
302-1Clean finish hemmer
302-2Clean finish hemmer, heavy –duty for bulky material
302-3Upturn clean finish hemmer
303Upturn clean finish button stay hemmer with lining or other trims
304Downturn double roll hemmer
304-1Downturn double roll hemmer
305Double roll hemmer
305-ADouble roll hemmer with adjustable guide
305-A-SDouble roll hemmer with adjustable guide and spring
305-DButton stay hemmer
305-D1Button stay hemmer for heavy or bulky materials
305-D2Button stay hemmer, large work plate
305-D3Automatic type shirt front hemmer
305-DLButton stay hemmer with lining
305-DRButton stay hemmer reverse
306Rod pocket hemmer, double roll for curtains
307Pigtail hemmer
307-4Upturn split hemmer
307-ASplit hemmer
307-B-4Split bulldog hemmer
307-CAutomatic hemmer, clean finish
307-C-5Automatic hemmer, short body
307-DAutomatic hemmer, single fold
308Adjustable blindstitch hemmer
308-ALatch hemmer, blindstitch
308-BLatch hemmer, plain sewer
309Shirt tail spring hemmer, contour shirt tails
309-1Shirt tail spring hemmer, straight bottoms
310Swing up hemmer
311Upturn core hemmer, vinyl material
312Plain hemmer
312-1Towel end hemmer, with spring for crossing seams
313Plain hemmer, without core
313-1Plain hemmer, without pin
313-2Long core pin hemmer
313-AAdjustable picot hemmer
314-8Upturn hemmer with air jets
314-ASingle upturn hemmer
314-A-1Single upturn hemmer, same as W&G 1084 for curtain ruffler
314-A-2Single upturn hemmer with adjustable upper guide tube
314-A-3Single upturn hemmer, bibb hemmer for overalls, heavy duty
314-A-4Single upturn hemmer, collar band hemmer for shirts
314-A-FSingle upturn hemmer, same as 314-A for heavy seams, flared opening
314-A-LSingle upturn hemmer, upturn raw edge hemmer with lining
314-A5Book seam folder for blindstitch
314-BSingle downturn hemmer, swing-out
314-B-1Single downturn hemmer for coverstitch machines
314-B-10Single downturn hemmer
314-B-2Single downturn hemmer, same as W&G 4142
314-B-3Single downturn hemmer, swing-out, adjustable guide under hemmer
314-B-36-8Air jet hemmer
314-B-LSingle downturn hemmer, raw edge with lining
314-CAdjustable upturn hemmer
314-C1Single upturn hemmer
314-DSingle turn cord folder
314-EClean finish hemmer with cord insert
315Gore hemmer
315-1Belt closing folder with top stitch guide
315-2Attach zipper fly, top stitch
315-3Heavy duty gore hemmer for closing bags, on swing arm
317Mousetrap blindstitch hemmer, clean finish
317-1Mousetrap blindstitch hemmer, swing out, clean finish
317-2Raw edge mousetrap hemmer
317-3Raw edge mousetrap hemmer, swing out
317-AMousetrap 3-way hemmer, full turn-in
317-A-1Mousetrap 3-way hemmer, full turn-in, swing out
318Clean finish hemmer for terry cloth or fleece
318-CBag closing clean finish hemmer
3203-way hemmer, full turn back
321Downturn hemmer with adjustable guide
331Two-in-one zipper fly attachment
350Tunnel elastic hemmer
350-1Tunnel elastic hemmer, downturn
350-2Tunnel elastic hemmer, downturn
350-3Downturn tunnel elastic for panty waist
350-CDownturn clean finish hemmer with heavy cord for bed spreads
350-TTacking elastic attachment for 300W; U.S.; Rimoldi; Metropolitan Machines
350-USTunnel elastic hemmer with tacking device
351Elastic hemmer, swing away
353Open elastic attachment with adjustable elastic guide
353-1Imitation tunnel elastic
353-23Imitation tunnel hemmer for raw rubber
354Double needle elastic hemmer
357Elastic hemmer with tacking device
371Downturn button stay hemmer
409Arm-hole facing attachment
409-1Arm-hole facing attachment
409-2Arm-hole facing attachment
410Button stay folder
410-2Button stay folder, foot-mounted hemmer
410-7Button Stay Folder Under-Stripper
411-2Shirt Front Hemmer
412Imitation Center Folder
412-2Imitation Drapery Side Hemmer
412-3Imitation Center Front Folder with Separate Lower Facing
412-4Imitation Center-Stitch Folder
412-5Imitation Back Pocket Welting Folder
412-AImitation Center Folder
412-LImitation Center Folder
422Imitation Cuff Folder Downturn
422-AImitation Cuff Folder Upturn
441Pocket Facing Folder
441-1Pocket Facing Folder, Adjustable
441-2Pocket Facing Folder Open Side
650Top Stitch Feet
650-1Top Stitch Feet, single fold downturn hemmer foot for coverstitch machine
651Top Stitch Foot, downturn
652Collar Band Hemmer, upturn
653-ABall Foot Hemmer, upturn
653-SSpring Foot Hemmer, upturn with spring
656Top Stitch Joiner Foot
656-ATop Stitch Joiner
656-BTop stitch joiner, right
656-CSemi Joiner
656-DSeam joiner
656-ESide Seam and Seam Bust, one operation
657-ATop Stitch Joiner, left
657-BTop stitch joiner, right
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