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Boxer Shorts Production

Boxer Shorts Production
No. DescriptionWorkstationAttachmentFolder
1Seat Seam/Inseam   
 747 thru 753   x
2Clean Finish Elastic Waistband   
 350-1, 350-25  x
 350-12, 350-50
3Imitation Tunnel Waistband   
 353-1, 353-23  x
4Covered Elastic   
 359, 359-1, 359-2  x
5Attach Zipper Fly   
 315-2, 331  x
6Hem Legs   
 301, 307-A, 307-C  x
7Bind Legs   
 192, 199EC, 201, 202, 204, 212  x
8Open Elastic Waistband   
 353  x
9Seat Seam/Inseam   
 747 thru 753  x
10Hem Front Fly   
 301 thru 303-3  x
 11Join Front   
12Hem Legs   
 301, 307-A, 307-C  x
13Bind Legs   
 192, 199EC, 201, 202, 204, 212  x
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