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GoldenEagle™ 360° Digital-Controlled Chainstitch Quilting Machine

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GoldenEagle™ 360° Digital-Controlled Chainstitch Quilting Machine - 1392D
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GoldenEagle™ 360° Digital-Controlled Chainstitch Quilting Machine - Model 1392D - Xtras --- atlatt.comGoldenEagle™ 360° Digital-Controlled Chainstitch Quilting Machine - Model 1392D - Xtras --- atlatt.comGoldenEagle™ 360° Digital-Controlled Chainstitch Quilting Machine - Model 1392D - Xtras --- atlatt.comGoldenEagle™ 360° Digital-Controlled Chainstitch Quilting Machine - Model 1392D - Xtras --- atlatt.comGoldenEagle™ 360° Digital-Controlled Chainstitch Quilting Machine - Model 1392D - Xtras ---

Diagnose a problem quickly and return the machine to service without the assistance of a second person.

Thread stops that actually work! Never gives a false signal, always stops quilter when a needle or looper thread breaks. Dual rows of thread stops allow the operator to set up stops for two different patterns.

Infinite adjustment of presser foot while quilting optimizes speed. Needle bars and presser foot are made to exact standards. If replacement is needed, we will ship same day from stock.

Remote control gives an operator the ability to quickly rearrange needle configuration and install loopers. In complete safety, quilter cannot be started while operator is using the remote. The remote control gives a technician complete control of the quilter, the ability to rotate to any pre-programmed point, or operate the quilter in slow or fast jog mode.

Model 1392D

GoldenEagle™ 360° Digital-Controlled Chainstitch Quilting Machine

  • Class 1-4 quilt patterns, including 360° Jump Patterns
  • Create new patterns in-plant
  • Mattress & border can now have the same pattern
  • Pattern storage (limited only by hard drive space)
  • Synchronized carriage and needle positioning for optimal stitching and pattern integrity
  • Fast transfer between patterns
  • Quilter pre-programmed with all standardclass 1-4 patterns
  • Class 5 patterns, Pattern "N" Pattern®
  • Pre-programmed with customer's patterns (optional)
  • Batch mode software (optional)
  • State-of-the-art computer with color touch screen and networking capability with password protection
  • Windows based operating system
  • Computer, touch screen and operating system arestandard off-shelf items
  • Computer records shift output, total output, numberof patterns sewn, run time, thread breaks, etc.
  • Continuous synchronized motion of all x-y-z axis for reliable and smooth operation
  • Powerful direct drive servo motors for maximumramp-up/ramp-down & accurate positioning
  • Presser foot has infinite range from high to low; adjustments may be made while quilter is operating
  • Adjustable presser-foot timing
  • Remote control for auto positioning of needle bar, looper timing, and maintenance
  • Needle thread cutting does not require quilter to reverse, increasing output
  • Auto needle thread cutting for jump patterns
  • Needle threads trimmed short, no second operation thread trimming required
  • Dual thread-break detectors for all needles and loopers, simple & reliable, no false signals
  • Auto lube for sealed bearing
  • Bag closer for ticking splice included
  • Deluxe material rack, thread creel, and workplatform included
  • Looper holders are two-piece design withneedle guards
  • Complete set of tools and timing gauges included
  • Meets international safety standards
    Technical Information:
Max sewing speed (rpm)1000
Factory preset speed (rpm)1000
Max stitch length (spi)4
Needle systemSN794FR
Needle size24/180
Total needles97 x 3 = 291
Weight of materialLITE / HEAVY
Quilting thickness (inch)3”
Quilting width (inch)92.5
Voltage (v/ph/hz)220V 3PH 60HZ
Current (amps)40
Air pressure (psi)90
Air consumption (cfm)1
Shipping weight (lbs)17,000
Shipping dimensions (w/l/h, inch)78 x 192 x 48
1392D Functions
1392D Footprint
1393E - Panel Cutter/Border Slitter with Winder
1393EBSA - Border Slitter without Winder
1393EBSW - Border Slitter with Auto Winder
1393EPCA - Panel Cutter
• Set of parts to increase needles from 50 to 84
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