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D675,053Border for MattressBorder Construction MethodD675,05301/29/2013
D673,413Border for MattressBorder Construction MethodD673,41301/01/2013
D670,953Border for MattressBorder Construction MethodD670,95311/20/2012
D670,952Border for MattressBorder Construction MethodD670,95211/20/2012
D670,951Border for MattressBorder Construction MethodD670,95111/20/2012
D670,950Border for MattressBorder Construction MethodD670,95011/20/2012
D670,949Border for MattressBorder Construction MethodD670,94911/20/2012
D670,948Border for MattressBorder Construction MethodD670,94811/20/2012
D670,130Border for MattressBorder Construction MethodD670,13011/06/2012
D670,129Border for MattressBorder Construction MethodD670,12911/06/2012
D670,128Border for MattressBorder Construction MethodD670,12811/06/2012
D670,127Border for MattressBorder Construction MethodD670,12711/06/2012
D670,126Mattress with Vertical HandlesBorder Construction MethodD670,12611/06/2012
8,042,478Automatic Panel Cutting and Seaming System1493 Automatic Panel Seamer8,042,47810/25/2011
7,984,681Automatic Panel Sewing and Flanging System1317A Auto Panel Flanger7,984,68107/26/2011
7,735,439Panel Quilting MachineAll 11392 Quilters7,735,43906/15/2010
7,647,876Tape Edge Work Station11315A Auto Tape Edge7,647,87601/19/2010
7,574,788Foundation Cover Stretching and Stapling System11331 Stapler7,574,78808/18/2009
7,543,364Border Flanging and Attachment Gusset Forming System11349 Auto Faux Hemmer7,543,36406/09/2009
7,412,936Attachment Gusset with Ruffler Corners and System for Automated Manufacture of Same11335A Auto Pillowtop Ruffler7,412,93608/19/2008
7,383,780Tape Edge Work Station11315A Auto Tape Edge7,383,78006/10/2008
7,383,676Packaging Machine for Bedding Products11390B Auto Pack, Serial Bus7,383,67606/10/2008
7,210,181Spring ConstructionMattress & Box Spring Construction7,210,18105/01/2007
7,100,526Label/Tag Inserter System3200, 3200P, 3300, 43007,100,52609/05/2006
7,100,525System and Method of Finishing Ruffled Gussets/Borders11335M7,100,52509/05/2006
6,994,043Method for Forming a Mattress1337, 1338, 1339 Cap & Flange6,994,04302/07/2006
6,968,794Presser Foot Control System1337, 1338, 1339 Cap & Flange6,968,79411/29/2005
6,834,603Attachment Gusset with Ruffler Corners and System for Automated Manufacture of Same11335A Auto Pillowtop Ruffler6,834,60312/28/2004
6,574,815Pillowtop/Panel Attachment Gusset with Ruffled Corners
(Assignee: Sealy Technology)
11335A Auto Pillowtop Ruffler6,574,81506/10/2003
6,802,271Automatic Border Sewing System32006,802,27110/12/2004
6,295,481Serial bus Control SystemMachine Control System. Part of other existing machines. Used on AAC equipment and sold as a separate system.6,295,48109/25/2001
6,202,579Automated Apparatus for Manufacture of Mattress Borders with Sewn Handles
(Assignee: Sealy Technology)
8,985,039System for Attachment of Handles to Mattress Borders1353UDH8,985,03903/24/2015
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